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The A.I. Age

I Sat up, strangely perplexed. For a moment, perhaps, I could not clearly understand how I came there. My terror had fallen from me like a garment. My hat had gone, and my collar had burst away from its fastener. A few minutes before, there had only been three real things before me-the immensity of the night and space and nature, my own feebleness and anguish, and the near approach of death.

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Augmented Mind

Alex Bates’s Augmented Mind is an encouraging and realistic look at the potential future of AI. The premise of this short, sound, and fascinating book is that computers can out-perform humans at certain tasks, such as sifting data and making rapid calculations, but lack the awareness needed to develop the complex combination of knowledge, experience, creativity, and ambition that humans bring to the table. Creating systems that augment human intelligence with artificial intelligence, ...

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