The Neurogeneration

Tan Le’s The NeuroGeneration cracks open the world of brain enhancement to show that the future may be closer than we think.

Le, on the cutting edge of research and technology into one of the biggest mysteries—the human brain—says that we are on the cusp of deeper understanding. This book issues an invitation for everyone—not just the scientific elite—into his exciting realm, bringing science fiction closer to reality. It has an almost otherworldly feel, though its perspective is deeply human, focused on making life better for all people. The innovations suggested stand to impact all sorts of people, particularly those with disabilities and diseases like Alzheimer’s.

The book introduces innovators in brain enhancement, neuroscience, and neurotechnology, showcasing present-day discoveries in learning and memory enhancement like EEG-fused brainwear, robotic prosthetics, and electrical pulses to boost brain capabilities. It evinces real hope that humans can keep up with, even outpace, artificial intelligence. Most compelling are its stories of those whose lives have been changed by brain-enhancing technologies, mirroring wonders and taking on themes of life transformations to expand considerations of what’s possible.

The text is clear, distilling technical and hard-to-visualize concepts for everyday audiences and lay intellectuals. Though brimming with wonder and awe, it includes a healthy dose of realistic wisdom and a bit of reverent fear. Its final portion explores the risks and dilemmas that innovations pose—physically, psychologically, ethically, and socioeconomically. Its are compelling and practical insights into how people may embrace possibilities and still protect human values and privacy.

The NeuroGeneration is a hopeful look at the science and technology that is ushering in an age of endless possibilities.

Reviewed by Melissa Wuske

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